Procurement and suppliers

Advisory and consultancy services for sustainable supply chains.

Having a systematic approach to responsible procurement enables you to efficiently identify and manage risks, e.g. raw material risks or environmental, social and ethical risks in manufacturing and assembly of purchased goods. It also ensures that you collaborate with suppliers who provide sustainable products and services. Together with suppliers who are committed  and share your view of sustainability, you can contribute to positive changes in the supply chain.

Our services

  • Sustainable supply chains – from code of conduct and risk analysis to audits and continuous improvements.
  • Supply chain risk- and sustainability analysis
  • Human Rights due diligence
  • Responsible procurement strategies
  • Supplier Code of Conduct and tools for follow-up

  • Environmental, social, ethical criteria for procurement categories
  • Communication and implementation of supplier requirements
  • Supplier dialogues and support in RFI/hearings
  • Assessment and follow-up of supplier requirements (self-assessment/audits)
  • Training for procurement staff and suppliers

Contact us

Lotta Amsén or 0730-75 57 51

Hélène Hagerman or 0730-75 57 59