Chemicals and materials

We offer many kind of services in areas such as chemicals, materials, occupational health & safety and circularity.

How do we minimize risks to human health and the environment, comply with relevant legislation, and become more resource efficient and circular?

Systematic chemical work

We help ensure your business get a resource efficient proactive approach for working with chemicals. Each business has its specific conditions and we adapt our services and methods in each assignment so that our customers achieve the greatest possible benefit.


We help you to ensure that your business comply with current regulatory requirements.

Occupational health and safety

We help your business to develop an effective structure for your systematic occupational safety and health management and a model for risk assessment and risk management adapted to your specific business and risks.


Cosmetic and hygiene products

We offer services and expert advice on all types of issues regarding cosmetics and hygiene products. Ranging from expert guidance to safety assessments


Pharmaceuticals and the environment

We have vast experience of various types of assignments in the area of pharmaceuticals and the environment, ranging from expert advice to environmental risk assessment of active substances, follow-up of sustainability requirements, training and communication.


Plastic and packaging

We can guide you through environmental and health properties of different materials. With correct knowledge, you can stay one step ahead of stricter legal requirements and make choices that promote recycling and circularity.

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